One of the signs of ageing is that you notice a receding hairline at the front and you may also face the issue of a bald patch at the front and on the crown. Even those in their thirties can face the issue of hair loss and balding. It does make you look older than you are and certainly detracts from your appearance. Till now there scientists have not come up with a magical potion that you can apply and expect hair to grow back. Hair once lost is gone forever. Genetics, poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, infections and a host of other reasons account for loss of hair, sometimes permanent.

You have two options. One is to wear a wig when baldness reaches a certain level. Another is to go in for hair transplants in Dubai. So what is hair transplant and why on Earth should anyone travel to Dubai when cosmetic surgery facilities are available in Europe and USA?

First question first.

Hair transplant, in current context, is simply uprooting hair from patches on your head or from the beard where the growth is lush and transplanting these to the graft sites much in the same way that rice farmers lift up paddy saplings and then plant them in soil. However, hair transplant is much more sophisticated, especially the modern technique of hair transplantation.

Currently the techniques most popular and successful are microfollicular hair transplantation, follicular unit extraction and follicular unit transplantation also known as the strip method.

Follicular unit extraction method is by far the better. In this method expert cosmetic surgeons carrying out hair transplant in Dubai extract hair follicles individually and plant them in donor sites. In the follicular unit transplantation techniques they use micro scalpels to remove tissues bearing hair follicles and plant the tissue in a cosmetic surgery process.

The fastest method is known as punch hair matic in which an advanced machine is used in conjunction with a hand held device that automatically extracts hair follicle and the unit is then moved to the donor site and the device implants the follicle in the skin.

Now to the second question as to why hair transplants are best carried out in Dubai.

Dubai is home to some of the finest and well equipped clinics and hospital in Middle East and it is also easily accessible from Europe and USA. There are two reasons to fly in to Dubai for cosmetic hair transplant. One is that the cost is far less since this is a day process in which you walk in, undergo the hair transplant and walk out, probably able to fly back to your home the same evening. The second reason is that the finest cosmetic surgery clinics in Dubai have the latest equipments and the most highly experienced and qualified surgeons carrying out the process. The final and the best reason is that it costs far less.